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We sought to create a space our community (and friends from all around Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio) could come and use to grow a business, celebrate with family, or grow more informed. From the beginning of the space’s existence as GamerHaven, it has been in our DNA to serve, support, and stand with our neighborhood in creative, innovative ways. Gatewood Work/Share is the culmination of a decade of planning and preparation: we believe all that is missing for people to better themselves is access to the tools, a little guidance, and space to create whatever they want.

818 East 185th - Cleveland, Ohio


Many Businesses, One Home

Why Work/Share?

The coworking space industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 5 years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. In 2019 and beyond, there is value in having flexible space to attempt to launch a business, have a satellite office for a temporary site management job, or just to cut overhead in operating a successful business.

What Robert Gatewood and his team realized: In the absence of thoughtful and community-focused development, coworking cannot benefit people most likely to need and use it. Lower overheads, networking and education opportunity, and technology are all missing components to the further growth of often-overlooked areas.

Moreover, in urban areas, shared spaces need to be able to support more than the business interests of potential users. Family circumstances, real-life service deficits, and the lack of a strong connective bond between segments of diverse neighborhoods prevent fully-deserving people from achieving growth and success.

Work/Share solves that by taking coworking and crafting an authentically Collinwood approach to it. Offer services people need, regardless of their interest in renting coworking space. Teach classes and workshops that can inspire youth or prepare adults for new jobs in emerging fields. Create a venue that is safe for families and the marginalized. Connect people to resources that can improve their homes. Inform groups of opportunities we learn through our vast and growing network of friends and partners.

GamerHaven (the first member of our Work/Share), Master Collective, and Allen Wine Bar are the founding companies at the core of this space, offering the services and products people can use to improve and enjoy their own lives. In providing a quality offering to serve coworking members and business partners, we work towards achieving our primary goal:

Create a place a neighbor is comfortable, supported, and inspired.


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