Cleveland, Ohio • Creative Services 

Founded by Robert Gatewood in 2016, we are an organization borne from his Graphic Design freelancing work. He sought to offer local & community-based clients design services at a quality not typical of the area, at rates they could afford.

From this initial thrust, we have become an organization that seeks to do the same in any and all creative fields we can: because creativity is essential to empowered communities, Master Collective will build spaces, services, and contexts for a community to express itself freely.

Work, Play, Create. Together.™


Full Spectrum is a Membership Program we developed to design Creative Spaces in our neighborhoods.

Each Full Spectrum space will be a multi-disciplinary creative space designed to show off and support a wide range of art, production, and community uses.

Our first space, GamerHaven, takes the 'co-working space' idea and supercharges it with games culture and event venue resources.