Welcome to Master Collective The Master Collective is... We can't wait to start working with you! 

Collective Membership Benefits:

  • Artist will have access to expert knowledge and guidance by professionals in the field of design 

  • Artists will have access to all equipment needed at The Master Collective in order to complete the specified project

  • Artists will earn a fair wage for their work that will be dictated by skill and certificate and/or degree status

  • Artists may learn how to market themselves and how to talk about their work to prospective clients

  • Artists may be asked to participate in workshop and/or classes to teach others how to execute the artists specific skills or knowledge set. (The artist holds the right to deny such events)

  • Artists will have free access to workshops sponsored by The Master Collective and/or other organizations that aim to teach entrepreneurial and leadership skills, design program knowhow,

  • Artists products will be sold online in The Master Collective store and in the physical location for The Master Collective

  • Artists products will be marketed by the artist as well as The Master Collective through social media, print media, word of mouth, videos, and any other form of marketing and advertising deemed necessary by The Master Collective

  • Artists will have access to discounted monthly passes for gaming and other services

  • Artists will have access to The Master Collective network of students, educators, and other professionals that have agreed to work with The Master Collective and its artists for the purpose of mentoring, 

  • The Master Collective is a company, a family, and a team. Designers, Artists, Musicians, and creatives of all kinds are among us. We provide support and encouragement to everyone inside the Collective and within our space at The Master Collective. We do not discourage, throw shade, or indulge in any other negative activity within the Collective and within The Master Collective. Our Collective represents who The Master Collective is to the world and the Collective will conduct itself accordingly. 

  • Artists will be informed about upcoming events that may benefit their discipline and/or provide them an opportunity for networking

Collective Membership Requirements:

  • In addition to providing your information for membership, The Master Collective may require a headshot or other personal images for advertising, marketing, and/or internal uses. The Master Collective maintains ownership of these materials. The artist may have access to the materials. No one other than The Master Collective and the artist will be allowed access to these materials and information. 

  • Maintain a clean and professional presence when working for The Master Collective

  • You are required to attend all meetings set forth by Master Collective unless both parties (The Master Collective and the artist) agree to reschedule the meeting for any reasons necessary

  • When you are working for the Collective you are part of a team and must act accordingly

  • Lead Designers on projects will maintain communications with the clients that The Master Collective brings in unless otherwise specified. If the artist brings in the client then the artist may maintain communications with the client.

  • The Master Collective may provide art direction for any creative work done for or through The Master Collective. This includes specifications on design, layout, images, color format, file format, storyboarding, writing, and any thing else deemed neccesary The Master Collective in order to achieve a successful product as so determined by The Master Collective

  • Meet production deadlines set forth by The Master Collective

  • Edit/revise designs at the discretion of The Master Collective

  • Discuss & collaborate new creative ideas with The Master Collective when planning on using The Master Collective services to execute your project

  • Master Collective maintains certain rights to our Collective's creative work at the beginning of the release of the product, if the artist cannot pay for our services upfront, and in any other circumstance dictated by Master Collective.

  • Distribution of products will be directed by The Master Collective

  • Prices, costs, and earnings for products will be directed The Master Collective. The artist is responsible for keeping track of the hours spent working on a clients project in order to be properly compensated for work completed. 

  • Advertising and marketing for artists and products will be directed by The Master Collective

  • Other responsibilities not specified in this description may need to be fulfilled to successfully uphold the mission and goals of The Master Collective.


After becoming a part of the Collective you will meet with a representative from The Master Collective to determine how your specific skill sets, interests, and goals can be utilized within the Collective and how The Master Collective can do for you as an artist.

Payment for the artists work will be agreed upon by the artist and The Master Collective before a project can begin. Payment is subject to taxation, termination fees, production costs, and anything else deemed neccesary by The Master Collective.

By agreeing to The Master Collective rules and regulations, you are not restricted from having your own contract work with other parties. When you create a product with The Master Collective or use The Master Collective services to create your product The Master Collective will then be directing the project in question.

If you can not for any reason fulfill the above requirements your pay may be docked and/or you may be passed up for future creative work. You are required to fill out a W-9 tax form before you can do any work for Master Collective. Rules and regulations are subject to change.

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