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Thank you for your interest in entering tournaments held at GamerHaven. To streamline processing (and maintain order of entry), please fill out the below form, select the preferred platform, and highlight which tournament you specifically are interested in.

Some of our events require a ticket purchase, or active Access Pass to participate. If you are not a member of Full Spectrum (which was a free signup either on our website or in person), this form will be considered your application.

Any questions about rules and regulations for members can be seen at and this does not obligate you to any future purchases.

We make no guarantee for position in tournament, but the earlier you register the better your chances for playing sooner (and more often!) during events we hold tournaments in.

We will be in contact with your regarding your specific details within 3 days of a scheduled tournament. Thanks again for your interest!


- Robert

Next date for tournaments, April 20th, 2018!

Next date for tournaments, April 20th, 2018!


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Entrant Name
I understand completing this application does not guarantee me a spot in the specific tournament I am interested in. I also agree that, if required, this form will be the basis of my application for Full Spectrum membership and I will follow the rules and obligations membership requires during use of GamerHaven or any other relevant facilities. I understand than if I do not agree to have this information fulfill membership, I will be unable to participate until I do complete membership and other requirements for the tournaments I am interested in.
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